Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dr. Tino Charter Striped Bass/Fluke & Sea Bass

Had the guys from Connecticut out (Dr. Tino, his friend, and son Nikki). The plan for the day was to look for some bass first thing then switch over to some bottom fishing after a few hours. We worked some bunker pods hard for the first few hours to no avail. We stuck inshore as little Nikki wasn't feeling to well and hit some local spots. We picked away at some short fluke and sea bass with a handful of keepers mixed in. Nikki was still feeling a little under the weather so we ran in and did some river fluking for a few hours to round out the trip where we picked up about 30-40 shorts and one nice 20" keeper. Also got some very nice blackfish today (released)

Monday, June 28, 2010

George Turner Charter - Striped Bass/Sea Bass

On Monday I had out George Turner, his brother Richie and son Kyle. Kyle is getting deployed to Afghanistan shortly and really wanted to catch his first striper before he left so off we went. The first hour or so was very tough with some chop on the water making it very hard to see bait. After some searching we found a pod up tight that looked pretty good. After working it over a bit Kyle was able to put his first bass in the boat, a nice 20lber! That would be it for the bass for the rest of the day as we worked many other pods with no luck. We headed out to some local stuff and picked away at the Sea bass with steady action and some keepers mixed in. Good Luck Kyle and Stay Safe!

Wilson Gama Charter - Mud Hole Wreck Cod/Ling

Sunday I had my cousin Wilson and all his boys from the docks out for a Mud Hole wreck trip. Started out in 150 foot of water and the ling started coming in at a nice pace. The newbies were catching on pretty quick. We also had a bunch of cod, some keepers but alot of shorts. It's just nice to see cod so close to home. We made two more drops with the last one serving up a nice mix of ling, seabass and some really nice cod. Our total for the day was 75 ling, 8 keeper cod and 10 seabass. Nice day on the wrecks and great just chillin with my cuz and the boys.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

John Neidzinski Striper-Sebass Charter

Capt Max had out John, his family and buddies for a mixed bag trip. Started the day seabassing and they landed over 30 keepers to 3 lbs. Later in the trip they switched over and had a slow bite. However, they did get one shot and they made it count landing a 40 lbs Striped Bass certified scale at Clark's Landing Marina.

Striper & Seabass Trip with Duane Butler Charter

Had Duane and buddies Earl, his son Raheem and Ron out early this morning. Made bait and had our first fish a nice 30ln'r landed by Duane onm the first drift. after that it went downhill, didn't get any more bites. Ended the day picking away at the seabass landing over a dozen keepers and throwing back over 30 shorts.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Afternoon Seabass Trip with the Dr Mike Cane Charter

Had Dr Cane with his daughter Lauren, and buddy Jimmy Cuenta. Looked for Stripers but just happy bunker swimming along. Hit the reef and landed a dozen nice Sea bass for lunch. Headed right to the Dockside Grill at Clark Landing's Marina and Chef Marcus Wilson was ready to prepare. Master Chef Marcus prepared it 3 different ways, Spicy Aoli, Basil Pesto, and "Key West", coconut crusted with nuts. Unreal to say, great afternoon!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuna, Tilefish & Shark with the John Toronto Charter

Had John for his yearly tuna run with buddy Dan Payet. decided to make a short notice run to the Hudson due to great weather forecast and recent catches. On the way to the canyon stopped and did a quick troll at the Chicken after seeing great signs of fish no luck. Ran to the east side and started the troll, went evening into dark with no touches. Set up on the drift and Dan landed a 10ft blue shark, had a mako in the slick that wouldn't eat. went on the morning troll and landed the first tuna of the year a nice 35lb yellow. Didn't get any more bites so we decided to load the box up. Went on the hunt for tiles and filled up one of the boxes with 2 dozen tiles. Heard that there was some more bites we went back on the troll still no bites. Headed inshore to look for Bluefin tuna and more sharks. Had the signs but no tuna, did get a chance to bait a nice mako, he circled the bait, but took off. Beautiful day with some hardcore anglers.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Point Pleasant NJ Fishing Report - Mixed Bag with the Brian Reed Charter

Today I had Brian, his lovely wife and a bunch of his buddies out for some striped bass with some bottom fishing thrown in. Left the dock at 5am and found bait right outside the inlet. Checked that school of bunker out for a few but no takers. Headed north to Spring Lake and came into a pod that was getting smashed by striped bass and a huge whale which came completely out of the water with a mouthful of bunker. Amazing sight!!

We snagged and dropped and caught them pretty good for a while until the mother load of boats showed up. By 7 it was over but we had 8 big stripers in the box so off we went to the sea bass grounds. Ran north and hit a drop in 49 foot and we got into a nice pick of decent sized sea bass plus some ling and big blackfish which sucked throwing those over. Another drop in 50 foot produced a few more keepers plus a couple of short cod. The guys ended up with 43 sea bass and 6 ling. Overall a pretty good day with a great bunch! ~Capt Carlos

Friday, June 18, 2010

Point Pleasant NJ Striped Bass / Sea bass Fishing Trip with the Joe Kopchak Charter

Capt Max & Capt Joe had out Joe K. and his buddies early this morning. They made bait easily and headed north. Working the bunker pods they landed 3 fish before the bite turned off. Went on to the reef to finish the day with 15 keeper Sea bass and Ling.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Striper Trip with the Horst Klein Charter

Remote Report:
I am in Florida on business so in my absence Capt Max Forlenza ran his first trip today, with Capt Keith on the assist. Had Horst with his buddies charter us for the first time today and the crew had a banner day. Capt Max loaded the well and headed north for a striper blitz, thanks Joe and Rich for the call. They landed bass in short order to almost 40 lbs. Great day for the charter and congrats for my new protege Capt Max.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sunday Striped Bass with the John Liptock Charter

On Sunday I had John back with his son and friends for a striper trip. Left the dock at 10am and found the bait right outside our inlet. Stayed with those schools for a bit but no bass with them. Decided to go bottom fish for a little while so we headed east to the same area where Capt Fred had a very good pick of fish a couple days before but the fish were not chewin there so we headed south and found a pick of fish on some rubble in 60 foot. Got 2 dozen keepers there plus one 24 inch fluke and 2 cod before heading inshore for another crack at the stripers. Same scenario.. Alot of bait with no bass on them. Buddy stayed with the bunkers till 9pm and only sharks. Another tough day with the bass for us. ~Capt. Carlos

Saturday Striped Bass with the Joe Mahan Charter

Sorry for the late reports. Saturday I had Joe and 3 of his friends for some striped bass and some bottom fish. Left the dock at 7am and got our live well full pretty quick. Headed north to the rocks and setup a drift on some rock piles for fluke and sea bass. Got a bunch of short sea bass there with a few keepers but not enough action so we left there and hit a wreck in 50 foot. Got a little pick on some sea bass but the fish were not chewing good so we anchored up on the rocks for some striped bass chunkin. Had wind against tide which sucks there so after 3 hours with only a few runoffs and the south wind kickin we headed for the barn. It was a pleasure fishing with these guys and they worked hard for 20 sea bass and a bunch of fat ling. Tough day. ~Capt Carlos

Monday, June 14, 2010

Midshore Trip with the Brandon Igdalsky Charter

Had Brandon back with brother Nick, and Buddy Frank Hess. Netted bunker and went offshore to pull on some sharks and tuna. First couple of spots we tried trolling and butterfly jigging only bluefish. Had life at all of the spots, but not ready to explode yet. Set up the shark drift but conditions were to nice and and calm had no drift. didn't even see a shark. Decided to deep drop to save the day. Hit a wreck and landed a dozen market sized cod an 4 Pollack to 15lbs.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Todd Moyer Midshore Trip Sharks/Cod

Had Todd and his crew back out again today brother Rob, Dave, and Josh. After yesterday's trip and unreal dinner from last night. The Dockside Grill at Clark Landing's Marina cooked up our Cod and Sea bass 3 different ways topped off off with some High Hook Pinot Blanc, Oregon Vineyard it was hard to get up this morning. However, it was my first Pelagic trip so I had the crew at the boat early. Made the run to last year's hot spot and found the bait and life, whales, dolphins, and sand eels. Had great marks threw the meat and jigged but only bluefish. Pushed off farther to the southeast and didn't have the life I wanted so we started sharking. Tons of action. hooked over 20 Blue sharks to 10 feet. Started using light tackle spinning rod as 2 or 3 fish stayed around the boat the whole time. Water temps 63 and clean green. Did have a Mako do a bunch of free jumps right in the slick but he never committed to any of our baits. After the shark workout we went on the hunt for Tuna's found the life again, football field patches of dark red water, krill being eaten by big sand eels, jigged and threw the meat but no tuna just bluefish. Ended the day hitting a wreck and landing a dozen market sized cod.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Striped Bass/Seabass/Cod with the Todd Moyer Charter

Had Todd with brother Rob, and buddies Dave and Josh. made bait early and worked the bunker pods no fish, ran down the beach and back no luv. Headed to the reef and landed 50 seabass to 3lbs, half a dozen cod. Got the call from Capt Al, that the pods I worked earlier were getting crushed. Got their in time to land 5 fish to 40lbs, on Fisherman's supply certified scale. Congrat to Dave "Stumpy" on his personal best on a light spinner with a surface plug.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shawn Mullen Mixed Bag Charter

Had Shawn with buddy Ed, and client Barry Beck. Due to commitments by the charter we had to do an AM charter. Knew we would have limited shots and we had to make them count. Got our bait with no problem, and headed to the grounds, started in the deep due to the high sun, had 3 good run-offs and a couple of surface explosions but no fish. Finally hooked a fish solid and fought him all the way to the boat when the hook pulled, damn. Bites never came again. Decided to go inshore and chunk, wind against tide crushed that thought. Went south and started another drift 2 more runoffs no fish. Decided to cut my losses and finished the day bottom fishing a slow pick of sea bass and ling. Really wanted to produce for a good bunch of guys, that come out every year.

Monday, June 7, 2010

NJ Striped Bass with the Tom Lawrence Charter

Had Tom with repeat customer Don Geiss and buddies Bobby, Jeff, Jerry and John. Tom had invited 3 of the guys from Canada and they had never caught a saltwater fish. Jeff, Jerry, and John (the Canuck Crew), landed their first Bass on the first drift. This set the tone for the day, ended up anchoring and chunking another 5 fish, with Don getting the 30lb pool winner.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dave Zeigler Charter Sunday Striped Bass

Sunday I had my good friend Dave, his wife Steph and friends for some stripers. Made bait quick outside the inlet and headed north. Anchored up in 25 foot and started chunking and swimming livies. We got bites right away but they weren't sticking. The livies were getting attacked on the surface. They would grab the bait, run with it for a while and then spit it out. Very frustrating day with at least 15 bites and only one fish landed. Came in a little early due to the strong winds that came on. Besides the one bass we also got a nice 25 inch fluke. Tough day for one of my favorite customers. ~Capt Carlos

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Split Charter Marathon

On Saturday I had a ten hour marathon for seabass, mudhole wrecks and then some stripers. Left the dock at 8 and headed close by for some seabass. First stop was ok on some new piece of bottom I was trying out but not enough keepers so next drop in 65 foot was much better with the guys boating 30 keepers. After that it was off to the east end for some deeper wrecks. We set up on a piece in 155 foot and we got into a nice pick of cod, ling and seabass along with alot of pout. Made a move a few miles farther off in 115 foot and it was game on with the cod. The guys landed around 25 cod on that piece. Eight of those were keepers with the rest just short. Along with fat ling it made for some nice action. Around 4pm we started heading back in to do some stripers. Well the stripers were nowhere to be found for us so we got back in at 6pm only to wait 2.5 hours for the bridge. That sucked but the rest of the day was awesome!

Striped Bass Trip with Chuck Routar Charter

Had Chuck back again for their yearly Striper trip with regulars Elia, His bro Randy, Bob and Kevin. Started south got our bait and made some drifts nada. went seabassing hit 4 wrecks fishing was horrible, south wind of last 2 days must have been the culprit. Ran north where I had been catching them for 2 weeks, very slow missed some good hits going 0-3. Ran back down south and went 2-5 to end the night, tough day of fishing but good crew and tunes helped.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Striper Trip with the Mike Fox Charter

Had Mike with buddies Scott, and Chuck who brought Aunt Linda, and Uncle Al who drove all the way from Ohio last night. Got out bait and headed north first part of the drift landed 3 Bass with Linda catching her first Striper of her fishing career and Uncle Al and Scott landing one each. Slow pick, later in the evening the bite really turned on, Bass packed up the bait and had 5 on one drift. Mike landing his personal best on light spinning tackle, and Chuck getting 3 overall. Pulled the hook on some more, charter had enough fun, so went into release mode, then headed back to the barn. Landed 8 fish to close to 40lbs, no certified scale to weigh in.

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