Tuesday, December 17, 2019

First Florida Trip Recap

Hey everyone back from Florida/Bahamas, spent a week with the new boat and it was an eye opener. First day cruising to Bimini from Miami was sketchy first few miles with seas 3-5 with an occasional 6-7, had doubts, but as I settled into a groove  She just wanted to eat. To my surprise as we got closer to the Gulf Stream it got better, last half of the trip we were cruising at 55. First leg little over an hour. Next 2 days of fishing were fantastic from drifting for deep water, bottom fish, to high speed trolling at 20 knots she was stable, dry, and just plain comfortable. Time to come home, weather window was closing fast and either leave Saturday or be stuck in paradise till middle of the week. Made the decision to come back.  Seas were challenging but again the Boat proved to be a beast and handled everything Mother Nature through at us! Had a lot of technology and comforts that made the trip easier, 72 mile radar, Nite track vision, advanced GPS, most comfortable Helm chairs, and stadium seating for rest of the crew keeping them dry. Sunday morning was our last day of fishing and decided to Sailfish for a few hours before taking flights back. Had Capt Raul up in tower and I was working the pit, man do I miss that. Fed a bait to nice sail and had her boatside within minutes for a healthy release! Wanted to thank Mat, Adam,  And Mike for taking lead in the pit so I can focus on finding the fish. Thanks to remaining crew of Jeremy, Dave, Ed, Pat, and Larry for pitching in when needed and hopefully all of you guys enjoyed this adventure as much as I did!

Friday, December 13, 2019

Bahamas Dozen Species

Fun second day of fishing, went all light  tackle. Have over a dozen different species including 3 different snappers, 3 different groupers, horse eye jacks, barracudas, and sharks! Fun stuff!

After fishing decided to top out ice and provisions for chef Pat tonight. Found a roadside bar serving Goombay smashes!

12-11-19 First Day in Florida

Great first day with mahi, three different type of snappers- Queen, silk, yellow eye, and grouper. Back at the house early took a swim and now the chef is cooking!

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Stripers with Scott Nagle and crew

Had Scott back with sons Ty and Zack and  Buddy Don With Son Jeff. Got On the fish  Quickly getting our Limit in the first hour Then going into release mode going 11-12  with all quality fish, ended the Day casting  Around whales to end the trip. Back at the  Dock cleaned up before 11. Enjoyed having Tony back from school mating for me today! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Stripers with Rob Palumbo Crew

Had Rob out the for the first time with us today with son Ben And buddy Kurt And Son Kevin. Started jigging Ben and Kevin's  First stripers ever then went on the hunt and found up getting  some nicer fish up to 20lbs. Ended up with over a dozen, great  Day with the father and son teams!

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Tog Limit with Jeremy Ingle

Had long time regular Jeremy out for his first time togging. First spot was a tough pick. Next  stop was lock and load got our boat limit up to 9lbs. Jeremy did a great job for his first time out!  

Friday, November 15, 2019

Striper Slam with Adam Conley Crew

Had Adam out with son Harrison and buddies  Cory, Larry and Matt. Started out in the bunker  Pods going 4-4, then went out to get on surface fish  With the poppers getting a few more. Ended up on the Troll to get some more while the guys enjoyed some adult beverages!

Monday, November 11, 2019

Stripers with Mike Iannella Crew

Had Mike back again with Dad and brother Kevin with  Coworkers Rich and Chris. Started out trolling spoons.  After a a short time crew wanted to change gears so we Went to snag and drop in the bunker pods. Went 2-5 With some quality fish. After that went light tackle top Water plugging Landing another dozen or so fish for the guys to end the day on a high note.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Light Tackle Stripers with the Santiago crew

Had Santiago back with son Andrew and buddies Tony Rob, Bob, and Jamie. Plan was to either chase big fish On the troll or light tackle action, they choose the latter. Made the run, thanks Eric. Stayed on the birds and Had bass  on jigs with Bonus monster bonito. Then fish got real active and ended the day getting them on poppers!  

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Stripers with the Paul Jenkins crew

Had Newcomer Paul with buddies Rich and Tom. Started out livlining in the bunkers and crushed by  Dogfish! Went on the hunt and found some fish Willing  To eat ended up with 7 Bass. Changed gears and went Togging, slow bite, not the way I wanted to end the day But had great calm conditions today and the guys went home with meat!

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Mixed Bag with Reel Fishing Upstream

Had the pleasure of hosting the crew from Reel Fishing Upstream with hosts Gerard and Charles and special guest Melissa Toro who is one of the speakers for George Poveromo. Decided to do a mixed bag show starting with Blackfish jigging which Gerard has never done. After that plan was to throw the fly on some stripers which the hosts have never done. Mission accomplished on both fronts. Second part of the show is the chef cooking the fish tomorrow! Can't wait to see the finished video.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

First Striper trip of the Fall

Had the regulars Gerald, Andres, Rosie, Jimmy, plan was start on the bass, then bottom fish. Heard of a bite south, and took a look, game on. Got our limit of 40lbs early, then bottomfished. Got tog, seabass, and blowfish to end the trip on a high note!

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Canyon fill the freezer trip

Had newcomers James, Mike, and Jordon, went to the Canyon with an open mind to tackle all species. Tuna  didnt cooperate but Mahi and Tiles took their place. Little bouncy running both ways, but guys are troopers and made the best of it!

Friday, September 20, 2019

Mahi Express trip with the Halliburtons

Had First timer Jesse on board with daughter Stella. Left the dock at 3pm and told him we Had limited time before dark. Original plan was To head north along the beach and look for inshore  pelagics and maybe anchor for bottom fish. When I Asked her what she wanted she said mahi! Wth?! Looked at her Dad and co Captain Mat and went for it! Got to the grounds and Stella was freaking watching  Them swim around the pots. Few minutes later she  made a perfect cast and had the first nice mahi on the gaff  Landed a bunch more with her dad getting the biggest of the day! What a fulfilling day for me to give this family this experience!

Monday, September 16, 2019

Mahi with MattX2

Had newcomers Mat and Matty on board today. Had an open day, plan was to do maintenance, but  With few and far in between nice days decided to get On some afternoon Mahis. Had action from start to finish. Landed a half dozen but hooked over 20, very finicky bites.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Andreas Toy Second Day of MMRTC Tuna Tourney

Fished our second day of the tourney, pretty Frustrating day had 100's of yellowfin airing out In every direction but couldn't get them to bite! Eventually got a nice 60lb yellow. Went mahi fishing  And got a dozen before heading back for the weigh in. Wound up holding onto our mahi stringer and came in Second for Tuna on boats under 35 feet. Again fun day with great guys!

8/29: Andreas Toy Fishing the MMRTC Tuna Tournament

Trip report from 8/29:

Had buddies Adam, Darren, Mat, Jeremy and Garret Join me for the tourney. Went out in bouncy conditions got to our destination, and went searching. Found some Skipjack and had a decent bite getting 8 yellowfin. After that  We decided to concentrate on mahi. Landed over 30, and getting on the leaderboard for heaviest stringer, hopefully it holds for a  Few days. Great fishing with a fun bunch of guys and some  Serious ball busting! 

Monday, August 19, 2019

Mahi Madness with the Jeff Kaprolick Crew

Had Jeff out with daughter Tammy and buddies Chris and Adrian. Plan was for tuna hit a couple of spots but no luv, Gave the charter the choice to run way up north or crush mahi  On the pots. They choose the latter proceeded to crush the  Mahis Landing over 30 with half a dozen slobs between 15-18lbs.

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