Sunday, May 31, 2015

Striper with the Don Palathinkal Crew

Had DJ and the crew out for some bass. Got our bait outside the inlet not 
Any easy chore with the fog and headed north. Made some drifts at different 
Areas but no luck. Went on the troll and DJ banged s nice 30lb to start the day,
Kept trolling nothing. Went back on the drift with bait nothing. Decided to
Switch gears and hit some seabass on some inshore pieces, nothing! Went back
And hit more spots with the live bunker nothing! Tough day of fishing,
Glad the guys are coming back next year so I can redeem myself.

Mixed Bag with the Blues Brothers Fishing Club

Mike set up another trip for the members, joining him was Mike his son Andy, Mike, Lou, and Carl. Made bait in 46 degree water and headed north, found some life and livelined nothing. Went further north and found bird action busted out the spinner and popped 2 dozen blues to 10lbs. Went back south and put in the spoons, Mike T landed a nice 30lb. Kept trolling around the bunker pods but nothing. Decided to drift a wreck and landed over 2 dozen seabass to 4lbs and fluke. Went back to livelining but no more Stripers for us. Glad to see all the guys back!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Striper charter with the Ron Bartl charter

Had Ron with all of the boys, great start to the trip. Threw the net in the
Ocean for the first time, crushed em holla, shared with some friends and went on the hunt. Saw a nervous pod and dropped the baits on them, Sean and Jerry
Did quick work on some nice fish, thought it was going to be a crazy day not!
Had one more bite for the rest of the day, wtf! Tried trolling working pods in every depth, marked the fish but they would not bite. The boys said they enjoyed it, and would be back, damn!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Striper trip with Adam Conley-Boat move to Point

Had Adam with his buddies and gave him the option to either fish the bay
Or run the boat back to point and look for some bigger fish down the beach.
He opted to run the beach, found some marks and landed our biggest fish to date for the year, 35lbs. Had one of the crew members feel a bit ill and headed back to the barn.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Stripers with the Brandon Igdalsky charter

Had Brandon with daughter Maddie, and buddies Ryan and Jeremy,
Made out bait in short order and where on our way. As soon as the baits hit
The water we had action, had our limit in short order and had steady action 
For the remainder of the morning. Congrats to Jeremy for landing his first Striper!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Striper-Blues trip with Wes Paton Charter

Had Wes with brother John and Tom and buddy Jim and his son Justin, made
Our bait and headed to where we had been catching Blues, made another move more blues,'set up on anchor more blues. Made a wiggle to a buddy got our first Striper. Made another 6 moves and still more blues. Had over 50 blues to 10lbs
And one lone Striper, long day, fortunately they were great guys.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Striper Limit with the Adam Conley Charter

Had Adam back with regulars Larry, Mike, Mat, and special guest
Mike from Minnesota. Made our bait in 2 throws and on to the 
Fishing grounds. Adam had some stitches in his throwing hand
But it didn't deter him from getting our first keeper in the boat
After 3 casts of throwing poppers, after that it was a steady bite
Of fish for The rest of the day. Had our limit of Stripers to 25lbs
And over 20 blues to 10lbs. Back at the dock Before lunch!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Striper-Blues with Maureen Hope Charter

Had Maureen out with her Dad Jim, and friends Herb and Andy.
Made our bait and we were off to the grounds. Found the mother lode
Of marks and set up on the chunk, tide was running real slow and just 
Kept getting blues. Decided to troll until the tide started running, landed two 
Nice Stripers and dropped a few others. Once the tide started got back on the chunk, got 1 nice fish to 25lbs and that was it, very frustrating, once the tide 
Died went back on the troll. Dropped some fish and then Maureen had a 30 plus
Pounder get lost right before the net, damn! Wish we had done better but all 
Of the guys were happy all landing their personal best Stripers!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Striper Limit with Deep Ocean Crew

Had Mat and Mike from Deep Ocean Apparel come down from
Rhode Island to get a taste of Jersey Stripers. Trolled the plugs
For a while to find the right marks, landed a few Stripers and 
Set the anchor, chunked a fish right away but grass on the lines
Became an issue and decide to change gears. Put
All the rods away and broke the light spinning rods and began casting 
Gibbs swimmers and poppers and it was game on, landed another dozen
Bass for an early season popping session, my favorite way to catch em.
Total tally close to 20 bass up to 20lbs.

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