Monday, June 20, 2011

Mudhole Trip with the Russel Noll Charter

Had childhood friend Russell on board with buddy and NJ Member Ron(LeftyReeler), and buddy Pete, Dan and Bill. Made bait at the inlet just in case any bass round. Not hearing any reports and no good signs decided to head to the hole for a nice relaxing day. First 2 wrecks were barren except for a stray seabass and tons of Bergals. Headed off to the Northeast 3rd wreck had some life mix of throwback Cod and some ling, 4th wreck was loaded with cod some keepers but many throwbacks. Last wreck had the most life, cod, ling, and seabass. On the way home hit 3 pieces on Sea Girt reef with very little to show for it. Ended the day with half a dozen keeper cod and least 3 dozen shorts, 2 dozen ling, and half a dozen seabass. Beautiful day with some good guys!

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