Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Liveline "Overs" Bonanza with the Larry Biglin charter

Had Larry back with son Andrew and buddy and regular customer
Of the Toy Scott Nangle with son Zach. Mate Joe filled up the well
With bunker and we were off to last nights scene of the crime had
A slow steady pick through the day but fish were huge. Had our over
Limit with fish of 43, 46, 59 and 51 inches! Great big bass day!

Larry with the big one, 51 inches, weighed in at certified scale at Clarks, 45lbs!

First Striper Trip out of Point with CJ Tyson

Had my fraternity brother on the boat for a solo afternoon trip. Had new
Mate Greg toss the net in 65 feet of water new boat record to fill the live well.
Made some moves and finally found the fish, wound up landing 4 fish to 46
Inches. Great first trip from point!

New mate Greg with the biggest of the night

Monday, May 23, 2016

Striper limit and boat Move back to Point with Jumbo overs

Hey guys, great season up north, had a great time with all of my repeat
Customers and some new friends to the Andreas Toy family. Caught bass from
Late March till today. Great to connect with some great friends-Captains from
The north. Now ready to start the southern swing. Had my buddies Chris,
New mate Greg Demelo, my dad, my son and twin Danny and his buddy
Mark. Made bait and got our under limit in short order. Made the run south
And connected with Paul Bounty Hunter, found the bait and first pass and two
fish over 45 inches . Had a lot of fish this spring, biggest 43, inches so
cool to see 2 beautiful monsters that we released for karma.
Hope everyone has a great rest of the season!

Three generations of Gamboa's

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Stripers with the Ron Bartl Charter

Had Ron back again this year with regulars Sean and son Gavin,
Jim and newcomer Jay with daughter Lara. Started with filling
The live well and off to the first spot, Gavin and Lara catching
The first Stripers of their young life. Then the adults got involved
And landed a few more. After a couple of hours of nothing we came
Across a mother lode of bass crashing bunker landed our under limit
And went into release mode. Great way to end the evening, landing
Over 12 for the evening.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Liveline bite with Bill Scott and son

Had Bill out with son Carlo who is going back south for military duty. He
Decided to get him out on the Toy for the day. Started out netting bunker.
Started out with mojos to find the marks, when we did we switched gears and
Dropped the livies on them. Game on, wound up landing 12, keeping our under
Limit and using circle hooks for catch and release. Great time for father and son.

Carlo with big girl, 41 inch release

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Striper fishing with the Adam Conley Charter with similar results

Had Adam back for his last Striper trip of the spring with buddies Nate,
Andy, Marty, and New to Striper fishing Femi(bobbing for bunker) newbie.
Netted our bunker and made our way to the grounds, Femi broke his Striper
Cherry early and we had a slow pick for the rest of the day. We came up with
A dare for cash and Femi was willing and able to provide some comic relief.
Ended our day with our unders limit. Look forward to seeing Adam during
The tuna season, had fun boys!

Femi with his cherry fish

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Stripers with Lamar Thompson and crew

Had Lamar back again this year with buddies Nate, Don and John.
Plan was to get John his first striper. Started out slugging it out with over 20
Blues to 15lbs. Ran down the beach nothing.
Went in a different direction and had a slow pick but mission accomplished
With John Getting his first striper and the crew ending the trip with a nice
Flurry to limit on unders great job guys!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Striper Limit with Todd Kole charter Friday 13

Had first timer Todd out with buddies Rob, Robyn and Matt, all striper
Newbies, goal was to pop their striper cherries. Made bait and went on
Hunt, got to our spot and the fish were finicky, went looking for more
Aggressive fish and found them. Popped all othe guys cherries and limited
In short order. Decided to chunk bluefish but did not get one bite, did manage
To get a nice 41 incher which was full of sea lice and released to drop her eggs.
Congrats guys.

Robyn from England released 41 incher.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sanford Striper limit

Had regular Roger back with buddys Joe, Mark, Nick, and Gary. Netted our bait and went on the hunt, livlined our first fish and had our limit within the hour. As we have done the last few days, did some catch and release and went to wrestling with gator blues stopped counting after 20 bruisers to 15lbs.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Livelining limit with the Adam Conley charter

Had a great start this morning after filling the live well with bait. Found the
Bass harassing the bunkers and started to liveline, first drift had our limit
Of unders to 30lbs. Then went into release mode. Adam wanted to chunk for
blues for his smoker and have already landed over 30 of them just keeping
A few from the smoker.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Stripers with the Pat Noonan Charter

Had childhood friend Pat with son Brian, his brother John with his son Joe,
And Buddy Bruce with daughter Haley. Little pressure on me with 5
Striper newbies. Haley started us off with the first Striper and it was a tough
Grind for hours. Once the tide turned we started to get a pick going. The kids
And all of the dads wound up popping their Striper cherries. Great job with the crew from my hood!
Haley's first

Friday, May 6, 2016

Rainy Day Striperfest with DJ Palathinkal charter

Had regular DJ back with Terin, TomX2, Lamar and Walter. Got our bait
And looked around slow bite on the mojos to start, made a move and with
Turn of the tide fish went on the chew. Ended the day with a dozen fish To
30lbs. Great seeing the guys and glad they had a good time with the crappy

Ended the trip early and convinced the charter to take the fresh Striper
Over to the Barge restaurant across the street. Saw my man Alex, and
Had the Striper prepared in Scampi sauce, Fra Diavlo, and blackened,
With their best red sangria, dammmmnnnn!!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Stripers with the Mark Krute charter

Had regular Mark back with buddies, Glenn, Graham, Mike and John.
Made bait and we were off to the grounds, rough start with the livies
Going 1-6, then the guys kicked in gear and ended up getting our unders
Limit and releasing a few more. Good to see the guys again.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Striperfest with the Joe Brooks charter

Had Joe out with kids Chris and wife Christina, Mellissa and her
Boss Meg head women's basketball coach from Stevens Institute
And friend Ryan.had the girls up first popping their striper cherries!
Then the guys up and they did their thing. Had our under limit then
Went live lining, had a bunch of swings and misses, then tried chunking
No luv. Went back with the mojos and caught and released another 8.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Livelining with the Larry Biglin charter and Lady Liberty

Had Larry with longtime buddies Joe and brothers Brian and Chris,
Which were new to striper fishing, started the day busting both
Their striper cherries and have having a decent pick near lady liberty
Getting our under limit and releasing another 3 The rest of the morning.
Great job guys.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Striper Livelining with the Elia Shehady Charter

Had Longtime regular Elia back with brother Randy and Dad
Hal, cousin Mike and buddy Chuck. Guys wanted to liveline
Made bait and looked for marks, found what we wanted and had
A decent first drift and a pick the rest of the day. Wound up going
5-10 with the livies. Congrats to Hal and Mike on popping your
Striper cherries! Good seeing all of the Guys today.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Striper beat continues with the Maureen Hope charter

Had Maureen back out with Her Dad, brother Jim, Dale,
Herb and Andy. Made our bait and headed to the grounds
Slow start then the fish started to bite the mojos. Had fish
Stripers following the hooked one in so we dropped a livie
And the school stayed with us on the drift. Got our under
Limit in short order. Drifted around and found the school again
And played some catch and release. Tough conditions but crew
Hung tough!

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