Monday, July 25, 2016

Canyon trip with Larry/Scott and sons

Had Larry back with son Andrew and Scott with son Zach. Plan was to go
For bluefins but saw some nice water sliding into the canyon and decided
To make a report vs follow one. Got to the spot and water was a nice 78 
Degrees and cobalt blue! Saw big Mahis and started off the trip banging a 
Dozen of them. Set up in the troll and marked no fish or bait. Decided to
Pick up the lines and search after 10 miles of running we found the fish and 
Life all kinds of mammals and bait. Few boats that were there first had a good
Bite of yellowfin and bigeye. We put in the lines and went to work, fortunately 
Got tuna bites but not the ones we wanted all were rat size yellowfin. Wound 
Up having 2 come up then had another 4 banger come up. Pounded the area 
But no big fish for us damn! Still great to be back in the canyon.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Open Boat Bluefin

Had regulars Mike, Jim and son Bret with newcomer Eric. Left at dark thirty and made our way to the grounds. Found immediate life with bait, Dolphins,And great bait readings. Nothing went searching, saw bluefin on the surface and trolled past them and had a nice 46 inch under on a canyon runner rainbow green machine spreader. Saw tons of bait but nothing. Decided to change gears and start chunking. Mike had bite a right away on a sardine and did a great job but lost him at boat side damn, fish was all of 60 inches! Went back on the hunt and saw another pod of bluefin on top and it are the same spreader bar again,Nice 45 incher.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Overs Bluefin with the McFadden family

Had Chris out for the first time with Dad Dave and sons. Nate and Jake.
With the weather conditions took a different heading to avoid a beating, got to the spot And found some good friends, with the early bird doing the most damage,Nice job D! Worked it over and finally got our over with young Nate doing a great job on the rod landing his first tuna with it being 51 inches. Winds picked up A bit and decided to look for some Mahi, water temp and clarity was OK, but Just triggers on the pots. Decided to hit a wreck to put the whole family into action, getting a bunch of baseball bat ling.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Bluefin Tuna with the Chris Decresce crew

Had Chris back out with son Luke and buddy John. Went on the hunt for bluefin checked numerous spots with nothing to show for it. Wound back at the spot around 12 and had a 45 incher right away to save the day.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Overs-Unders Bluefin Limit with John Kungl

Had John back again with buddy Dave. Got out to the Bluefin grounds
And took a while to get our mojo going, but when we did it was game on, went 
5-9 on fish to 50 inches. Went into release mode and headed back to the dock.

The King and his Throne

Bluefin Midshore Trip with Derrick and Family

Had Derrick out for the first time with his son Chris, Brother Adam, and 
Father in law Andy. Plan was to head offshore for Bluefin, but Mother Nature
Altered those plans. 30 miles out the wind came on early and gusted to 20,
Looked around and found some life and set up on it, tried sharking for an hour
No bites so we went on the troll, just small bluefish, didn't like the water so we took a run to the south and water looked great but no life. Hit a wreck and loaded up on pollack,ling, fluke and seabass waiting for the wind to settle. Subsided a bit and made a major run to the east, found a scallop boat and went to work, landed 3 quick Bluefin and headed to the barn.

Tasty bottom critters

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