Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Kevin Barbalet Stripers

Had Kevin Barbalet and crew out for stripers in the afternoon. Steady action all trip with bluefish mixed in- Tobi had high hook of 6 stripers plus some gator bluefish. The other 3 guys did well also with many bites and fish! 

We are available for charter on Sunday June 2nd AM sailing out of Perth Amboy, NJ

Sushi By Sea - Stripers

Had Jay and Cris from @sushibysea along with friend Gian from Battello in Jersey City out for stripers. Check them out as they made the "47 Best Restaurants in the US" list for 2024 by USA Today. 

It was the guys first time out for striped bass and we had some great action to start off the morning. Right away multiple fish on and that lasted about 45 mins. The next couple of hours had a couple of bites and dropped two more fish but nothing as exciting as that first few drifts. 

Give them a follow and see what they're all about! @sushibysea

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Roger Sanford Stripers

Capts Greg and Rich had Roger Sanford out with friends. With bunker all over the place they have been easy to net and we started fishing right away. With fish blowing up the bunker schools Roger worked his popped and was rewarded. The rest of the fish came on live bunker 

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Dan Pilliteri Stripers

Had Dan and John Pilliteri out on the 39. Started the trip getting some nice fish on metal lip swimmers to 40 inches. Ended the day with a decent pick of keepers.

Jeff Sperduto Stripers

Had Jeff Sperduto and the boys out, started trip playing catch and release with the big girls. Then came back into the bay to catch some edibles ones for dinner.  

Monday, May 20, 2024

Dan Kelly Stripers

Had Dan Kelly out this afternoon and they chewed from start to finish. It was John's first time on a boat and he caught his first striper a 42" fish only to be topped by Brendan with a 47" monster- our biggest bay fish in recent memory. Found a couple keepers and a couple bluefish as well and headed home since we ran out of bunker.

Jim Preuninger Stripers

Had Jim Preuninger out for stripers this morning. Got our bait in one throw and our first drift it was lights out bass on every bunker you put down but that fizzled out after 20 mins. Did some searching and only found a couple more bites here and there. 

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Roger Sanford Grandkids Stripers

Capt Greg had Roger Sanford out this afternoon with son in laws and grandkids. Loads of bites and the primarily first time striper anglers did a nice job on the fish. Some keepers in the mix too! 

Vinnie and Friends Stripers and Blues

Capt Greg had Vinnie and the West Milford guys out today for stripers. Savage bite early on and we blew through 80 bunker in no time. Netted some more bait and picked away catching blues and stripers. Brad won the pool and took his buddies money. Back out this afternoon 

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Sam Angelo Stripers

This afternoon Capt Greg and Shane had Sam Angelo out for stripers. Bait was easiest it has been all year to net and we went to work steadily picking away at stripers on live bunker. Lots of blues showed up but bounced around and caught the stripers steadily to end the day. Headed home early to get the Angelos home for dinner early. Thanks guys! 

Dave Hockenberry Stripers

Capt Greg and Shane had Dave Hockenberry out on the 31 this morning for stripers. Started out on the bigger fish and switched it up finding some keepers in the shallow water for the guys to take home. 

Gray Fish Tag Striper Quest

Had Vinny Montella out today for the StriperQuest tournament by @grayfishtag and despite the weather all participants decided to give it a shot. Glad we did as we enjoyed a steady pick of fish! 

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Neil NcCoy Stripers

Had Neil McCoy with Rod Hernandez and both of their sons out this afternoon. Like a broken record bait was tough but when we got it, fishing was very good. Did one drift the whole afternoon and the stripers were hungry. Fished until we were out of bait and called it an early afternoon before the rain came. 

Adam Conley Stripers

Had Adam Conley out in the morning for stripers. Bait took a very long time but fishing was a good pick up to 40 inches with a couple keepers mixed in. High hook had 5 by herself- not bad for her first time striper fishing! 

Monday, May 13, 2024

Andy Talone Stripers

Had Andy Talone out solo this afternoon. Covered a ton of ground looking for a good bite and ended up picking a few late in the afternoon on live bunker. 

Glen Kaufman Stripers

Had Glen Kaufman, Lew Gold and friends out for stripers. Bait was tough once again but we found some nice healthy stripers for the guys with fish up to 38 inches along with one bluefish. Always a pleasure! 

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Bert and Guys Stripers

In the afternoon Capt Greg had out Bert and friends out for stripers. Took forever but got some bait and made a couple of long drifts. Had a steady pick on bait in the sloppy conditions but still not what it should be. Thanks to both groups for sticking it out on a tough day overall. 

Bruce Stripers

Capt Greg had Bruce and friends out for stripers on the 39. Didn't know what to expect after this weather system but thought we could at least put a catch together. Ran all over and it did not come together for us

Thursday, May 9, 2024

Brendan and friends Stripers

Had Brendan and friends out today- made our bait relatively quick. Fishing was lackluster at best, we had some bites and landed a couple but left a lot to be desired. Hopefully this blow will shake things up 

Saturday, May 4, 2024

Jeremy Stripers

Capt Greg had Jeremy and the boys out today. What a great bite today- we did a 2.5 mile long drift and caught them the entire way on live bunker until we ran out of baits. Great mix of sizes from 40 inches to 29 inches- excellent afternoon chew! 

Friday, May 3, 2024

Adam Conley Stripers

Had Adam Conley along with his son and friends out for stripers. Started throwing shads for a drift and caught one but didn't read them so went looking for bunker. Got bait relatively easily from what it has been and caught steadily until we were nearly out of bunker. 

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