Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mahi-Wreck Trip with the Stone Family

Had Chet back again with sons Eric and Mike from "Cali". Called me wanting to catch fish to make Fish Taco's for family down at the shore this evening. Suggested starting with mahi which are fun to catch on light tackle and a wreck for Cod,ling, & seabass to spice it up, he agreed. Made the run early and had Eric and Mike land their first mahi's of their lives. Then ran inshore and hit a wreck to catch 20 nice seabass, cod and ling. Great weather with a fun crew to fish with.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Canyon Trip with the Chris Decresce Charter

Had longtime customer Chris with son Luke, nephew John, and good buddy John. Started looking for inshore chunking grounds-Bluefin haunts, no luck dirty green water further north than expected. Set up behind a shucking scallop boat but water was so dirty could barely see in water. Finally got to Hudson canyon with only 2 hours of dark to chunk, no luck, Went on the troll at first light and Chris landed a nice 40lb yellowfin quickly, with the massive amounts of bait and life in area we decided to stay close. No more bites, tried tilefishing some new grounds no luck with drift and thunderstorms moving through area. Ended up working a pot and Luke and John landing their first ever mahi. Ran inshore to mahi grounds but area were picked pretty clean. Long day for a great crew, but tried our best.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mahi Afternoon Delight with the Greg Reese Crew

Had Greg out with his Dad Bill and Buddy Tony. Plan was to light tackle Mahi. Left the dock at lunchtime and made the run way east till I found the right water, had a couple of chicken to get us warmed up. Pushed further east and found the right ones. Landed a pair of Mahi to 20lbs on a bucktail and chunk. Wound up with half a dozen and back at the dock before nightfall. Good summer time fun!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Canyon Trip with Mat Losielle Charter

Had Mat out with Dad Al, girlfriend Colleen, and buddies Chris and Dave. Set sail in the dark for the canyon for night chunk and morning day troll. Made great time in full moon, set up near canyon and took drift right into it, had life within half and hour yellows to 30lbs, had fish swimming through light and fish ate from dark into first light once bite died, we had 7 yellows in the box. Did a little mahi fishing and the charter landed a couple. Rather than troll charter wanted to hit some wrecks for Pollack leaving canyon, saw some life and dropped the jigs and bait, flatlined sardine went off, and an hour later we had a 120lb 58 and half incher in the box. After that chartered had enough and made the run back to the barn. Great day of fishing with a great crew Mat, Al, doing great and Colleen proving she is one of the best fisherwomen I have witnessed, and Chris and Dave popping their tuna cherries!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Bluefin/mahi - Wilson Gamma

Had Wilson and the boys out for a bluefin trip yesterday. Left the dock around 3:15 and arrived at the grounds around first light. The area looked promising with a good amount of tuna chicks and some spread out life. After poking around a few minutes we stopped on a couple marks and the guys hooked up two fish right away to have them both come unbuttoned quickly. We pounded the area for a while looking all over, stopped on lots of bait a few times but nothing but bluefish. Stopped at some pots for mahi but with the dirty green water you could barely even see the mahi under the pots (the few that there were). Made a move further south east and found some nicer water. Put out the trolling spread and picked up a couple mahi. Hit a bunch of areas on the way in only to find green lifeless water all the way back. Tough day but a fun crew as always.

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