Sunday, September 25, 2011

Canyon Mixed Bag with the Bill Scott Charter

Hosted Bill with brothers Bob, Roger, and nephew Joe. Bill had booked me wanting to give his brother Roger his 50th Birthday Gift. He told me they were experienced boat owners but have never fished the canyon, landed a tuna or overnighted. Felt this would be a challenging yet rewarding trip. Decided to try this weekend due the latest forecast based off of the small weather window, our overnight runs coming to a close shortly,and the good vibes on the water I was going to fish. Due to weather and other issues we got to the canyon too late to be able to put in a good troll effort. Decided to drift the deep due to the comfortable conditions and the guys really wanted to see a sword. Once we set up and turned on the hydro-glow and threw the meat the life began to build. Had squid, lots of bait, and swords swimming through the lights. Bill landed our first pup, then released it. A bigger sword showed up but would not commit. Wrestled half a dozen Blue Sharks to 10 feet but no tuna till morning. Had our first and only flurry going 2-4 on a yellow and a 60lb Longfin. Went on the troll and had instant action all of the guys landed their first tuna with Roger (Birthday Boy) also landing his first mahi, landed another half dozen Longfin in less than hour and crew had enough and made the run for home being at the dock before lunch. Really enjoyed this trip, for a couple of reasons, Popped 4 guys tuna cherries, landed 5 different species, had good weather and guys wanting more of canyon fishing!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Capt Fred in Big Game Fishing Journal - Sept/Oct 2011

Captain Fred Gamboa has been featured in the latest issue of Big Game Fishing Journal (Sept/Oct 2011). The article is called Offshore Smorgasbord. He provides you with a wealth of offshore fishing knowledge so you can take full advantage of having an amazing offshore canyon fishing trip. If you are interested in reading this article, we have made it available in our Articles section or just click right here to start reading now. There are quite a few articles now on our website, either written by Captain Fred or about him & Andreas' Toy Charters so feel free to browse around our library of free fishing articles over the past several years.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Open Boat Yellowfin Limit-Sword

Had an open boat trip with regulars Sam M, Chris M, and J.S, and newcomer Dave. Ran south in sloppy conditions, found the 77 degree, cobalt blue water and put in the lines, no tuna but lots of skippies, after trolling for 4 hours decided that the area that had the most bait would be where we would set up for the night. Before we came tight on anchor the fishfinder lit up like a christmas tree, first line in the water instant bite on a sardine right under the lights for the next hour lock and load until we had our limit. Took a break and cleared our heads half of the crew getting a bite to eat until midnight when it the bite came on again, charter decided to take crew limit strictly on jigs drop to marks and hold on, had a good bite, until Sam and J.S. went to work half an hour later we had an 100lb sword on a Tallica 12-Terez combo tuna chunking outfit in the boat. From 1-4am everyone took a nap, Sam decided to have some fun from 4-5am we had 2-4 fish on on jigs, leadering and releasing all fish safely. Total tally 30 plus tuna to 50lbs landed, Limit harvested rest released, 100lb Sword and lots of ball busting! Ran back to the dock and cleaned up by lunchtime. Fun crew and great action.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Danza (Blues Brother's Fishing Club) Charter

Had Joe Sr and Jr and buddy Tom on board today. Part of a 4 boat charter for the Blues Brothers Fishing Club, great bunch of guys. Started inshore dirty water no bites, headed out to deeper water and found some life. Joe Sr had 22 inch 4lb seabass and some short cod. Made a move to the south and deeper and found 2 good wrecks. Total tally 25 keeper seabass to 4lbs,over 50 short seabass, half a dozen short cod, a dozen short fluke, half a dozen ling and some porgies. Fun guys, lots of action and good guys!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mixed Bag Canyon trip with John Ryan Charter

Had John out again this year for his yearly Canyon run with buddies Lane and newcomers Fred and Ray. His week was the same time of the Manasquan River Offshore Tournament, so we decided to enter. Saw the offshore charts and to knew we would be in for a long run to at least the 500 line. Started in Hudson and water was green and cold, worked my way down to the Toms and found the water I wanted. Started the trip playing with some mahi to fill the box and to find a slammer for the tournament. Then went on the troll in earnest pulled the hook on a good fish prior to night chunk. Night was very slow with lots of squid but only blue sharks to show up until first light when we had a nice flurry. Landed one on a jig and pulled the hook on another when a Big 8 foot Blue shark crashed the party and ended the bite. Went on the troll and did not have a knockdown all morning. Due to slow reports and not having any decent fish to weigh in we decided to deep drop for tiles to add some variety to the box. Landed half a dozen to Ray's 20lb'r. This was the crews first time tilefishing and they all popped their cherries, congrats.

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