Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Canyon Trip with the John Ryan Charter

Had first timers John with dad "Bubba", and buddies Walt and Lane. Left the dock to do some tag and release for the Atlantic Tuna Project started by John Logioco. Got to the inshore hot spot and made two passes through the schools of rays and landed 5 tuna keeping one under and tagging the rest. Pretty simple process slide the fish through the tuna door, tag, and let him fly head first. After giving the guys some practice wrestling with tuna I took them to do some light tackle mahi. Landed a half a dozen fish on ultralight tackle with Walt landing the biggest on Andreas Toy a 52 inch 31lb'r weighed at Clark's certified scale. Made our move to the Hudson and got our bites right away with the guys landing our first shot of 50 pound yellow near some whales. Pounded the area and got two more before we set up for the chunk. Night was very slow getting one on the chunk and mahi. In the morning had intentions of putting in a trolling session but one of the crew was not feeling well. Crew decided to play with some more mahi on the way home landing another half dozen. Very proud of the guys 3 of them never caught tuna or mahi. Working together they landed every tuna and mahi bite going 5-5 on Bluefin and 5-5 on the yellows.

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