Thursday, July 8, 2010

Canyon Trip with the Adam Zion Charter

Had Adam out, with Mark, Monty and his son Ben, trip was originally scheduled for Bluefin, but due to lack of consistent action inshore, and the decent bite offshore we scheduled a day troll. Got to the canyon at dark thirty and had the lines in the water, saw the life whales, birds but no fish. Picked up and ran way down the line to the hot spot, lots of boats working the area with a slow pick at best. Decided to work way away from the fleet, knew I was rolling the dice, but the only way I roll, well 6 hours later still no bites and the fleet 25 miles away is starting a decent pick. Finally we get bit and Adam, Mark, Monty's son work on a very big Yellow or possibly small Bigeye, since it was close to 80 lbs with no sickles, however it brushed against the rub rail and lost her before she met the steel. Went back to the same spot and got bit again, this time Monty put the screws to a nice 55lb yellow. Pounded the area but no more shots, had a lit up White Marlin come into the spread, tried drop backs, and changing direction to re raise the Marlin but it would inspect and fade away, damn! Knew I was running out of time to fill the box, so we pot hopped, hit 3 pots loaded with mahi, but they were very shy only landing 2 chickens today. Decided to tile fish, had a good drift on #'s that have produced my biggest tiles, but no bites just mud ling. Very frustrating day, on the fish, but beautiful day on the water with some great guys.

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