Monday, July 12, 2010

Canyon Trip with Brian Priest, Marlin-Mahi

Had Brian charter the boat today. Had co-captains Max and Keith to assist on today's adventure. Plan was to get away from the crowd and work the deep and seldom hit canyons to look for Tuna and Billfish. Started the day on a right note getting Andrea's Toy first Marlin, nice fish taped out at 60 inches. Hit a dressed bally. Got our first and only tuna bite of the day getting 4 on to have two come unbuttoned quickly, got the other 2 close to the boat, however at the same time which turned bad. They both got tangled and lost both damn! However, we wound up landing and releasing 2 more white Marlin going 3-3 then, having a huge 500 pound Marlin hit our bally and dump half of a fifty on the first run, then double back and jump us off. Ended the day pot hopping for Mahi. Congrats to Brian on his first Marlin, and to the crew of landing our first, 3 Marlin.

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