Friday, July 23, 2010

Split Trip Zullo-Nitske Sea Bass/ River Fluke

Yesterday we had a split trip starting off with Jim Zullo, wife Tonya and sons Jonathan and Lyle. The kids wanted some action so we decided to go out and do a little sea bassing. Hit a few spots about 5 miles from the inlet where the kids had non-stop action and we were able to get a dozen keepers in about two hours of fishing. After a little while one of the little guys wasnt feeling well so we finished up the trip with a little river fluking. After dropping off the Zullo family, we headed back out with Frank Nitske, wife Jo, sons Brandon and Justin, and daughter Ashley. They also wanted to head out and try for some sea bass as well. We started where we left off an hour earlier and the kids had steady action with drop and reel sea bass. They were able to box 27 keepers along with a nice cod in just under 3 hours of fishing!!! All the kids had a blast today catching plenty of fish each!

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