Sunday, July 4, 2010

Open Boat Mud Hole Wreck Saturday

Ran an open boat trip yesterday which consisted of both regulars and new customers. The ladies came out in force today and held their own fishing a long day in the deep. First drop was in 85 foot to see if we could grab a few seabass before hitting the ling drops. Got a few nice seabass there plus some cod and a big ole male blackfish (released). Took off and hit a wreck in 130 foot and we plucked a few fish off there. Next stop in 150 produced the same but the pickins were a bit better. After that drop, anchoring conditions fell apart but we continued to pluck away. On the way home hit another drop in 70 foot and with the seas building we managed a full pail of seabass pretty quick and headed to the barn at 6:30. Our total for the day was 46 ling, 25 seabass and 4 keeper cod plus some released huge winter flounder. OK trip fishing-wise but great nonetheless. I want to thank everyone for coming down and making the trip. ~Capt Carlos

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