Friday, July 2, 2010

Hudson Canyon Tuna, Mako, Mahi Split Charter

Had regulars Larry Brusskin and Art Hoover with newcomers Glen Palmer and Chris Messick. Left the inlet with a game plan but mother nature had other ideas, slugged it out to the Hudson and had intentions to start in the deep, but put the lines in 20 miles short of the target, saw the life and pounded the area, slow pick but had two nice yellows landed by Glenn and Larry, and a nice bull by Chris. bonus fish was Art's 70 inch, 150lb Mako Shark, his personal best. Went on the drift for swords and sharks, but only wrestled 3 Blue sharks to 8ft, in the morning went back on the troll and got covered up by skippies in tough 3-6ft head sea conditions, couldn't drift for tiles because of the conditions so changed gears, and targeted Mahi on structure. Landed another half dozen chicken Mahi on light tackle. Tough weather forecast that changed while we were out there, but my determined crew slugged it out. To end the trip on a great note I had Master Chef Marcus Wilson from the Dockside Grill make the magic happen. Gave him some Mahi and mako and told him to let his imagination take over. He prepared the Mahi in a spicy lobster creme sauce and also in a teriyaki Asian fusion, the Mako he prepared Mediterranean style, also blackened with fresh garlic clusters, and finally in a tomato spicy saltine crusted sauce. Finished it off with some Pinot Blanc from High Hook wines.

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