Sunday, August 1, 2010

Canyon Trip with Sons

For years my sons had the itch to fish the edge with Dad. Well with Saturday's forecast and no charters I made their wish come true. Ran with my dad and buddies Mike and Mark for crew, with the intention of getting the kids their first tuna and mahi. Left the inlet in the dark got to the canyon at first light, slow troll all morning, canyon fishing was a slow pick for most of the fleet. Talk about pressure, worked my butt off and got our first shot in a school of skippies landed the first small fish barely legal Nick first, and a skippie. Trolled further down the line and got another shot again all small fish blowing up the lures but got another legal fish. Accomplishing first goal, it was on to the next. Antonio's first mahi, went pot hopping till we found them, mission accomplished with Tony landing his first on a bucktail. Left the canyon at lunchtime looking inside at the Chicken but bite was over so we headed to the barn. Slow fishing overall, but pales in comparison to many firsts today. 3 generations of Gamboa's enjoying the canyon, Nick's first tuna, and Tony's first mahi, will never forget the day!

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