Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Split Charter Marathon

On Saturday I had a ten hour marathon for seabass, mudhole wrecks and then some stripers. Left the dock at 8 and headed close by for some seabass. First stop was ok on some new piece of bottom I was trying out but not enough keepers so next drop in 65 foot was much better with the guys boating 30 keepers. After that it was off to the east end for some deeper wrecks. We set up on a piece in 155 foot and we got into a nice pick of cod, ling and seabass along with alot of pout. Made a move a few miles farther off in 115 foot and it was game on with the cod. The guys landed around 25 cod on that piece. Eight of those were keepers with the rest just short. Along with fat ling it made for some nice action. Around 4pm we started heading back in to do some stripers. Well the stripers were nowhere to be found for us so we got back in at 6pm only to wait 2.5 hours for the bridge. That sucked but the rest of the day was awesome!

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