Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sunday Striped Bass with the John Liptock Charter

On Sunday I had John back with his son and friends for a striper trip. Left the dock at 10am and found the bait right outside our inlet. Stayed with those schools for a bit but no bass with them. Decided to go bottom fish for a little while so we headed east to the same area where Capt Fred had a very good pick of fish a couple days before but the fish were not chewin there so we headed south and found a pick of fish on some rubble in 60 foot. Got 2 dozen keepers there plus one 24 inch fluke and 2 cod before heading inshore for another crack at the stripers. Same scenario.. Alot of bait with no bass on them. Buddy stayed with the bunkers till 9pm and only sharks. Another tough day with the bass for us. ~Capt. Carlos

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