Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuna, Tilefish & Shark with the John Toronto Charter

Had John for his yearly tuna run with buddy Dan Payet. decided to make a short notice run to the Hudson due to great weather forecast and recent catches. On the way to the canyon stopped and did a quick troll at the Chicken after seeing great signs of fish no luck. Ran to the east side and started the troll, went evening into dark with no touches. Set up on the drift and Dan landed a 10ft blue shark, had a mako in the slick that wouldn't eat. went on the morning troll and landed the first tuna of the year a nice 35lb yellow. Didn't get any more bites so we decided to load the box up. Went on the hunt for tiles and filled up one of the boxes with 2 dozen tiles. Heard that there was some more bites we went back on the troll still no bites. Headed inshore to look for Bluefin tuna and more sharks. Had the signs but no tuna, did get a chance to bait a nice mako, he circled the bait, but took off. Beautiful day with some hardcore anglers.

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