Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Saturday Striped Bass with the Joe Mahan Charter

Sorry for the late reports. Saturday I had Joe and 3 of his friends for some striped bass and some bottom fish. Left the dock at 7am and got our live well full pretty quick. Headed north to the rocks and setup a drift on some rock piles for fluke and sea bass. Got a bunch of short sea bass there with a few keepers but not enough action so we left there and hit a wreck in 50 foot. Got a little pick on some sea bass but the fish were not chewing good so we anchored up on the rocks for some striped bass chunkin. Had wind against tide which sucks there so after 3 hours with only a few runoffs and the south wind kickin we headed for the barn. It was a pleasure fishing with these guys and they worked hard for 20 sea bass and a bunch of fat ling. Tough day. ~Capt Carlos

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