Friday, June 11, 2010

Todd Moyer Midshore Trip Sharks/Cod

Had Todd and his crew back out again today brother Rob, Dave, and Josh. After yesterday's trip and unreal dinner from last night. The Dockside Grill at Clark Landing's Marina cooked up our Cod and Sea bass 3 different ways topped off off with some High Hook Pinot Blanc, Oregon Vineyard it was hard to get up this morning. However, it was my first Pelagic trip so I had the crew at the boat early. Made the run to last year's hot spot and found the bait and life, whales, dolphins, and sand eels. Had great marks threw the meat and jigged but only bluefish. Pushed off farther to the southeast and didn't have the life I wanted so we started sharking. Tons of action. hooked over 20 Blue sharks to 10 feet. Started using light tackle spinning rod as 2 or 3 fish stayed around the boat the whole time. Water temps 63 and clean green. Did have a Mako do a bunch of free jumps right in the slick but he never committed to any of our baits. After the shark workout we went on the hunt for Tuna's found the life again, football field patches of dark red water, krill being eaten by big sand eels, jigged and threw the meat but no tuna just bluefish. Ended the day hitting a wreck and landing a dozen market sized cod.

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