Saturday, July 23, 2011

Annual Peterson Charter: Sea Bass

Report from customer John Peterson:

Had our annual Charter today with Capt Max taking us out to look for sea bass.

We started with a few drops on the Axel Carson, caught a ling. Went to the mud hole hit 12 wrecks. Hit the sea girt and shark river reefs and tried many drops. Capt Max hit at least 25 spots trying to find the Sea Bass. Greg wore his arms out grappling and re-grappling. The only things that bit well were the flys and the yellow eels. We had 25 - 30 of the eels amd a continuous swarm of flies.

Finished the day with 30+ ling, mostly extra large, 2 cod and 3 sea bass. Caught at least another 15 short cod, a couple of small blackfish a short fluke and 5 of the biggest flounder I have ever seen.

We saw turtles, rays, a whale and a sun fish

Capt Fred did the best to get us a good trip, we rescheduled 3 times because either the fish had not started biting early in the season and conditions sucked on the other. We had hot but otherwise great conditions today and Capt Max and Mate Greg gave it their all as we burned a lot of gas and covered a lot of ground but the sea bass decided not to play. We still had full bags of filets to take home and had a great time fishing with good people.

The Andreas Toy is a professional operation from start to end and communicates well with the charter trying to get them the best day possible and we appreciated everything they did to give us a great trip

Side note the Coast Guard was in the inlet stopping boats, they boarded us, checked all the gear and gave the boat a passing grade. Only asked about fluke, looked in the fish box, said nice fish and continued their inspection

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