Saturday, July 16, 2011

Open Boat Bluefin

Had an open boat Bluefin trip with Jerry, Murry, Craig, and his buddy. We left the dock before 2 am and were the first boat on the grounds just before sun-up. After some looking around we found the fish. The first fish hooked up was on the deep rod on a sardine that was quickly lost due to angler flipping the lever drag down allowing for the spool to backlash quickly breaking the fish off, a few minutes later we hooked up again this time on the jig...this fish made an initial run when another angler decided to tighten the drag down also quickly breaking the fish off...the next drift saw 2 more hook ups that came unbuttoned as well..after the morning action we went up on the troll for a while pounding the area with no love, tried behind some scallopers where we marked some good stuff but were only able to scratch out a few mahi...hit the inshore grounds and pounded the area for a couple hours with nothing but a bunch of bluefish..had our shots early in the day

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