Thursday, July 28, 2011

Open Boat Mixed Bag Canyon Tip - Yellowfin & Bluefin Tuna, Mahi & Tilefish

Had an open boat canyon trip with regulars Sam and Adam and new guys Scott and Dave. Left the dock a little later than I was hoping and made our way to the grounds. Got to the area a half hour or so before day light. Searched around a bit and found some good marks. Started chunking and had bites right away and put a couple fish in the boat. Once the sun came up the bite shut right off for us. Got up on the troll around 7 am and pounded the area for a while and made our way to the tip. Picked one fish on a TGT green spreader along with a couple mahi (both Sam and Scott's first mahi). The guys wanted to give tilefish a shot, ran a couple miles south and gave it a try, not much action putting one in the boat and a couple more bites so we didn't give it long. Decided to take a look for a bluefin tuna on the way home to round out the day. Stopped on the inshore grounds to find tons of life. Looked around for a couple minutes and found some good marks. Dropped the jigs and locked up two fish quickly. Guys brought both fish to the boat (both unders) keeping one and releasing the other. (both fish on Jersey Jay shibi jigs) Ended up going 3-5 on yellowfin, 2-2 on bluefin, a couple mahi and tile.

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