Thursday, July 21, 2011


Had Evan, Rich, and his wife Carla out for a day on the bluefin grounds. Broke the inlet a little before 3am in some pea soup fog and made our way out...after a little poking around we found some good life that looked promising. Put the lines in and had fish hooked up in the first 20 min. Put a fat under fish in the boat at 45" on the first drift and lost another on the jig. Had another fish on the sardine that came unbuttoned and another bump on the jig. The guys decided they wanted to switch things up and look for some mahi. Stopped at a couple pots putting a pair of mahi in the boat...stopped at the inshore area on the way in for a while, had good life, good marks jigged away until the crew was worn out, had one bump on the jig and a 5' hammerhead take a sardine. put the trolling lines in for a while and made a few passes before the crew was ready to call it a day.

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