Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wilson Gama Charter Striper Limit

Felt good to be out today after a long hiatus. Had a four man charter that wanted some bass and then we were going to get some local cod. Headed up north to where the fleets been catching and we got into the stripers right away. The guys landed 8 bass in three drifts throwing back two of the keepers that were a little over 28 inches. That might of been the kiss of death cause after releasing the second keeper the fish dispersed and it was over.

Around 9:30, we headed south and by the time we hit the first wreck the south wind was starting to come on. Two drops in 70 ft resulted in a few bites and that's it so we hightailed outta there getting to the dock in time for lunch. Some cod would of been nice but the guys still had a great time! ~Capt Carlos

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