Saturday, May 15, 2010

Manhattan Cup 1st Place Live Release Division

Got introduced to my assigned team, Team Consolidated Carpet with members Dave, Sean, Rich, and Art. Not knowing their abilities or attitude the original plan was to fish the river for quantity, however I got a great vibe from these guys so as we were leaving the dock I turned to my mate Mike Tyas and told him we are going for broke. Pointed the nose south and ran 50 miles to the spot. Once we got there we had 5 fish in the first 15 minutes, the coolest thing however was watching 100's of Bass popping bunker out of the water. Feeling good about the fish we had in the release tube, we ran into the river to try to win the release category. That plan fell apart no tide. Decided to run back to the weigh station early to insure our fish would survive, actually was the first boat out of the 58 that entered the tournament weigh in. Sweated it out for an hour until it was official. Congrats to angler Art for landing the fish. Tournament was well run and good to meet some new captains and great to see old friends.

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