Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fat Ling Caught with Jim M. Charter

Today I had Jim and his buddies for a full day charter. Left out of the highlands and headed south to Long Branch and dropped livies on the same spots where the fish have been hanging for a while and nada. Trolling has been hot so we trolled stretches and shad rigs with the same results. Got a call from Jerry (Monger) about a bite way down off Lavallete, thanks man, but since we had the boat in the highlands for the weekend , I couldn't make the run. Well we hit a wreck in 50 feet off the highlands and we bailed out on some fat ling and a few cod. We tried trolling again for a while and we still couldn't buy a bite. Tough day!!! ~ Capt Carlos

P.S. Ran over my damn camera for the second time. Trying to get some pics out of it :-(

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