Monday, July 16, 2012

Open Boat Bluefin Jigfest

Had Regulars Jerry and Larry and for the first time Steve-Socks. Plan was to overnight canyon. On the way out ran over the motherlode of Bluefin, trolled the first one and saw the fish finder was lit up so we jigged them with all of the guys catching them for the first time on jigs. After the dust settled and guys had their fun the group decision was to head to the canyon to tile and mahi fish. Made the run in flat seas in no time, once there current did not allow us to fish 2 plus knot current and 50 ounces was not fun, no mahi on the pots as well. trolled for a bit but only skipjack, did try to bait a few sharks we saw but no luv. Decision was to head back at dark and not overnight in a dead canyon and possible weather following morning. Great day with good guys.

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