Sunday, September 30, 2012

Canyon Mixed Bag with the Brothers-Gilbert Split Charter

Had Keith and his brother Dale Brothers, split the boat with Jerry Gilbert and son Ryan. Left early to try to get some trolling time in, Within the first half hour had the right bite, had the rod doubled over taking line hard-Big Eye?, wont know hook pulled due to slack in the line. Continued trolling with no bites, decided to chunk near the flleet which had a pick on the troll, wound up being the right call. Had a slow but steady pick through the night, by morning the fish bit hard at day break and we left them biting. Crew was a little rusty starting off 0-6, after some motivational words and coaching the guys rallied hard ending the trip 7-13, with fish to 85lbs, weighed on certified scale at Clarks Landing.In morning decided to top the box with mahi and tiles and slide back to the barn by lunchtime. Great trip with a great crew.

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