Saturday, July 28, 2012

Open Boat Mixed Bag Canyon Trip with my "Regulars"

Had Joe, Adam, Chris, and Steve on board today. Guys wanted to mix it up today, weather allowed us to do it. Left in the dark to do a couple of hours of night chunking, got set up in the dark and had fish under the boat and landed our first fish in the first 5 minutes, had many fish under the boat, but when we lost our next fish the bite slowed. Some time after the fish showed up again, in between storms and we landed another one, broke off another fish and didn't get another bite. Wound up 2-5 on the chunk to start the trip. Decided to troll our slick at first light due to the #'s of fish I read. On the troll had a wahoo sky rocket through our spread, soon after came tight and it was game on, wound up landing the 60 incher on a ballyhoo. Guys decided we had plenty of pelagics so we decided to tile, hit a couple of spots but it was slow only landing a handful. Went back on the troll and landed another yellow. Left the canyon to look for Bluefin, no luck there so we stopped on a wreck since Joe wanted some fresh ling and landed a dozen of them to top out the box. Fun trip with the "regulars"!

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