Sunday, May 22, 2011

Striper Report from 5/21-5/22

Hey Guys, Sorry for the late report. On saturday afternoon we had out Harry Peters and his buddies. We left Keyport around noon with plans to give the hot clam bite a shot that the guys had been having during the week. After a couple drops yielding one keeper and a couple lost fish we decided to switch up gears to some live bait fishing. The guys were new to live-lining and went 1-5 on bass with some bluefish action mixed in. Once the action slowed up a bit we went on the troll to finish out the evening, trolled into dark with 4 more knockdowns but unable to put any more in the boat.

On Sunday we had the Mr. Liu and his group out for the striped ones. We left Keyport around 8 am and headed down the beaches looking for some life. After a little searching we found some fish and went on the troll going 2-5 on bass along with a bunch of bluefish in an hour and half before some of the ladies were starting to feel the seas. The guys decided to call it an early day and head in before noon.

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