Friday, May 6, 2011

Horst Klein Couples Charter

Had Horst on board with his lovely wife Diane, and couples Don and Pam, and Ed and Marybeth. Went to load the well with live bunkers, mission accomplished. had my childhood buddies following me in thier boat to the first spot and found the fish, they landed 2 right away. Instead of staying I decided to find more fish and give the ladies a boat cruise in the process. Cruise was awesome in flat seas but finding fish was the problem. Finally found them but pulled the hooks myself on 2 fish, lost a couple of more and landed one striper and some blues. Searched far and wide and after 10 hours of fishing that was our only action. If there was ever a funner bunch I wanted to load the boat with fish, this was them. Hopefully next time will be better, Horst will be back with the guys in 3 weeks.

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