Sunday, May 15, 2011

Greg Hopf -NJH Thomas Elefante Bass Tournament

On Saturday we had out Greg Hopf, his sons Chris and Jason, his brother Harold and good friends Mark and Mike for the annual NJH Thomas Elefante Bass tournament. We left the dock just before 6 and made the decision to head back to where we had the fish the night prior. Shortly after getting to the area we started marking some fish here and there. Guys were picking a fish every now and again but it was very slow. Heard fo a few fish caught to the north but decided to stick with my gut and keep pounding away where we were at which turned out to be a good decision. Our fist bite came around noon and the guys were then able to put 6 fish in the box by 1:30 up to 33.5lbs. We headed in at 1:45 so the guys could make their weigh in. They ended up taking 1st with the 33.5lb and also had top 4 heaviest fish taking the Calcutta.

All fish in this trip & the day prior came on TGT Bunker Spoons

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