Thursday, May 19, 2011

Manhattan Cup Boat Move and Prefish

Had buddies Scott, Greg, Tony, Phil and Mark. Cancelled all of my charters for the week, but had to move the boat north, left the inlet with fog and seas of 4-6 feet, day got nicer, and fish were chewing. Found the bait, got 3 dozen livies and went hunting. Found the marks I liked and dropped the livies on them. Had 2 drifts and got our limit, and then went into release mode.
Went into Fisherman's supply for a certified scale, largest went 44lbs, all of the fish were over 30lbs. Moved the boat to Keyport for the Manhattan Cup tourney. Went back to Dockside grill and had chef Juan Reyes cook up the striper, blackened in Pineapple chunks, and Grilled in a Lemon sauce, with the hot gurlz Christina and Ana damn!!!

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