Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Canyon-Bluefin Trip with Jim Byrne Charter

Back from my 2 week hiatus, family and work trips. Eager to get out and had Jim with buddies Nick and Chris. Decided to start the trip to the Northern Bluefin Spot, which has been on somedays and off others. Spent a couple of hours there but no hits and didn't mark much but the life was there, skippies and bait. Picked up and left for the 100 line between the Dip and Hudson, south winds really picked up making it hard to troll in, decided to make a bee line to the 100 square to set up for the night. Got there late and had 2 run-offs right away but didn't convert and nothing else for the night. In the morning we went on the troll, hit the area for a while, then trolled towards the elbow had one nice fish pull for a while and lost it. Tried the East side for tiles but no drift which made it hard to cover ground. Decided to do some mahi to fill the box, landed close to a dozen. On the way home we tried for more bluefin but waters were still very dirty. Tough long day, but understanding appreciative crew made it better.

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