Sunday, September 15, 2013

Canyon Serious Mixed Bag Trip with the John Trush Charter

Had newcomer John on board with son Nick and future son in law Todd for a canyon trip. Left for the canyons Saturday late afternoon after winds subsided, 1st stop was all we needed, had action right away, landing some nice sized Yellowfin, had a visit with some sharks till the right one showed up, landed a 70 inch beast of Mako that came alive when we had her boat side, after that had a nice 50 inch Sword hit and harvested her. Had a few more bites and converted them to more 70lb yellows. At daybreak made the decision to add some longfin to the mix, landed half a dozen in half an hour to 30lbs to add to the catch. Guys decided they wanted to switch gears and try for more species. Tried some Tilefish wind against tide made for tough conditions but got into Blueline. Switched gears again and went mahi fishing, found a nice patch of fish and landed a 15lb to start but once we lost a few fish the fish scattered. Back at the dock by lunchtime Sunday and beers at the dock with a great crew.

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