Sunday, September 8, 2013

Canyon Mixed Bag with the John MConnell Charter

Had John with nephew Mike and buddy Mark. Made our way to the canyon, on the way to the trolling grounds we stopped on a pot and landed half a dozen mahi to start the trip. Evening troll bite was slow, set up for the chunk and had a 30lb yellow to start the night. Good start for a slow chunking season, had a few other bites that we missed. Blue sharks and mahi through the night kept the crew busy, at 5 am we had nice flurry going 2-5 on nice size yellows. Went on the troll and had no luv, after a few hours crew really wanted to try tiles. Had a decent pick with everyone busting their tile cherries. Final body count, 3 Yellows to 65lbs on Clarks scale, 15 mahi to 12lbs, and 7 Tiles to 25lbs.

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