Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mixed Bag Canyon Trip with the Regulars

Had regulars Dan Bombaci, Art Hoover and Adam Conley out for an overnighter. Got to the grounds and started out with a light tackle mahi session with fish to 12lbs. Arrived at the previous nights hot spot to find a slow bite, trolled for a few minutes and had 4 banger of Longfin, landing 2 to 30lbs.
Went on the chunk early but didn't have action till around midnight, missed a few fish then battled a big fish on 60lb leader that eventually chafed the gear and was lost, probably a big sword. Landed a few big Blue sharks to 10 feet till the right bites started, went 1-4 on tuna, and also landed a small sword that was released. In the morning, went on the troll but with a semi full box, guys decided to call it for the day. Good to see long time customers all out together.

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