Friday, June 28, 2019

Midshore Mixed Bag with the Amelio Ameno Crew

Had first time charter Amelio,'with Son Mike Luv Bug, And Veto Vin Diesel. Plan was to be a hands on learn  Trip. Told them the challenges of such trip to deal with  My demeanor, but he said, let's do it. Ran out and got  To the grounds and went on the troll, very obvious that  Wasn't the right move, went to the jig, and Amelio hooked A nice fish right away, boys did a great job on the fish and  The 56 incher was in the boat. Worked the numerous tuna Pods for a while till we hooked another one on a popper,  unfortunately chafed him off. After that heartbreaker, Gave the team a break and jigged up some nice cod. Then hit the pots for mahi but no life, went back on the troll But no more takers. Took a nice 40 knot cruise back to the dock. Crew did a great job today!

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