Thursday, June 27, 2019

Canyon trip with Shamrock Eddie

Had long time friend Eddy our with buddies Ryan and Chris. When Eddy booked the trip plan was to tilefish, told him that  There had been a decent tuna bite in canyon so decided to Do a mix bag.'started out with a bang getting for 4 yellows in First 15 minutes. Decided to pot hop to add some variety to  The box, all pots were empty even tough water was clean blue  And 70 Degrees. Changed gears and went tilefishing, lots of  Current and wind made for tough conditions but still managed Half a dozen Golden's and bluelines and Eddy got to pop his tile  Cherry. On the way home we looked for bluefin to jig and pop and  Eddy got his shot hooking one on his first cast but she spit the hook. Great day with a bunch of good guys and congrats to Ryan and Chris For popping tuna cherries!

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