Monday, July 10, 2017

Tuna Heartbreaker-Total Frustration

Had Bill, Son Willy, Buddy Andrew and buddies John and Kevin.
On the way to the grounds I noticed we had a full moon,?!
Made our way to the grounds in the am and searched for the life,
Didn't hear much going on so kept searching found a pod of whales
Off in the distance to take a better look, and marked a mother lode of
Fish, dropped in the way way back ballys and as soon as the second rod
Was set the first rod went off, knew it was a good fish! Cleared the lines,
My reels hold 1000 yards and we were down to a third of the spool already!
John did a great job regaining the line and putting heat on the fish, 45 minutes
Into the fight I got a glimpse of her! The distance from her dorsal fin to her tail
Was over 2 feet! My angler was close to tapping out and we were getting ready
To switch anglers, at that point he decided to put extra heat on her and we popped her 30 feet from hitting her with the harpoon! Ugh! Trolled till lunchtime
With no more bites. Decided to throw some spinning gear at thousands of Tuna
We spotted, no takers, had a few followers, but that was it. Horrible day of angling. But awesome day in fighting my first giant on standup on my boat,
And cool to see so many tuna on the surface!

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