Monday, July 17, 2017

Offshore weekend of Pelagics

Saturday had the Mark Krute crew, out went everywhere,
Chicken,Bacardi,Coimbra, nothing on the troll missed
A few fish on poppers.

Sunday had the Scott Nangle and son out made the
Decison to try for tuna but the bail out would be mahi.
Ran to Bacardi, didn't like the conditions and headed
To the Hudson. Saw mahi on the pots in clean gray
Water and started nailing them, would up with a dozen
Ran inshore through chicken looking for surface fish to
Cast to, ran into a dragged that had hauled back.
Dropped a jig and had an instant bite, lost him,
Dropped another jig and fought this fish for a while,
Wound up being a 150lb brown.

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