Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Canyon trip with the Joe Garza Crew

Had Joe out with first time offshore fishermen 
Andy, Chris, and Tom. Got to the canyons around 
Midnight and decided to drift a few hours for swords
Before dawn trolling, no takers. Set up on the troll 
And had few takers, decided to break away from the 
Fleet and found what I was looking for, found the skippies
And worked them, got covered up by longfin, only 2 stayed tight.
Worked the area some more got some bites but didn't stay tight. 
Changed gears and went tile fishing, bites hard to detect due to heavy
Weight, decided to end the day light tackle spinning a bunch of Mahi.
Guys landed a bunch of fish that they always read about in beautiful
Conditions offshore!

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