Monday, November 17, 2014

Striper Fishing with the Adam Conley Charter

Had Adam back again with buddies Mat, Pat, and
Zach. Knew forecast for rest of week would be bad
So left early today, very few boats on the water, what
A difference. Worked the first pod and just bluefish.
Kept working pods to the south and more bluefish.
Found some working birds and caught a bunch of stripers
On light spinners, all shorts. Saw birds futher off and started
The troll with spoons no luv, put in the shads and
Had doubles for the next hour, the keepers
Were spitting up baby weakfish same size of the shads,
Talk about matching the hatch! Ended the the day
With more stripers under the birds,
Ended the day with over 20 landed.

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