Sunday, June 16, 2013

Seabassing with the Randy Jones and the Blues Brothers Crew

Had Randy coordinate a Blues brothers outing with Reel Class and Megan Beth for their club members. Had members Carl, Mike, Lou, Glenn, and Steve, tried to make bait early but only had half a dozen livies in the well. Tried a few drifts but no luck, went into Seabass mode, first 2 spots and we had 50 keeper seabass in the box. Went back on the Striper hunt, after an hour guys wanted more seabass, went and got some more. Tried one more try for the Stripers again no luck, ended the day with a good pick of Seabass, had over a 100 keepers for the crew until we had the a huge fish on, after a major battle by Carl I slid the net under a beautiful 15.5 pound Tog, what an awesome fish and even cooler release.

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