Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Offshore Mixed Bag Trip with the John Strauch Charter

Had John on board with Paul his son Bryce and buddy Craig. Plan was to try for tuna, get Bryce his first shark and jig some cod and pollack. Found some life and started trolling, after 5 miles of no touches picked up and ran to another spot another 5 miles of no bites and I changed gears to keep the crew engaged. Hit a wreck and jigged up Pollack and nice Cod. Once we had a nice box of tasty treats we went into shark mode. Had a perfect drift and Bryce landed his first shark, the bites came every 15 minutes landed close to a dozen blue sharks, until the makos showed up. First one was a legal but small Mako that gave us 3 great jumps, tagged that one and waited for the right one. Next one was the one, John fought her for a while and tailroped a beautiful 83 incher. Scales were closed, but she was fat estimate 220-240.

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