Saturday, May 12, 2012

Horst & Klein Couples Charter (Part 2)

Had Horst back with wife Diane, Ed and Marybeth, and newcomers Paul and Linda. Went south, scene of last night's troll bite. On the way down could not make any bait for live-lining went spooning, no luv. Did get some luv from Capt Joe who gave me some live bait, thanks buddy, owe you big! Live-lined and Marybeth landed our first and only keeper, blues and dogfish ate our remaining baits. Went back on the troll and no luv from there. Tough day with some great folks. Felt bad repeat of last year, slow with the wifes and when the husbands come back out in 2 weeks later it was slaughter, hopefully we crush them like last year in 2 weeks!

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