Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dave Stump 5/30 & Matt Hodges 5/28 Stripers

Had Dave and the boys from PA out tonight for some bass fishing. Threw the net and made our way up the beach. Put two fish in the boat right away and missed and lost a couple more in short time. Made a move and found some more fish and went 2-4 when the action slowed up. Made a long run hoping to put a couple more in the box. Had a couple on right away only to come unbuttoned. Guys ended up with 4 in the box to just under 40lb. Tough night for us but the guys hung in there and caught some nice fish.

(Late Report)
On monday afternon we had Matt Hodges and his boys out for an afternoon trip. Made bait in one throw and headed south where we pod hopped for the evening. Had to work hard for the fish working pod to pod. The guys ended up going 3-5 on fish to 38lbs.

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