Monday, September 12, 2011

Open Boat Yellowfin Limit-Sword

Had an open boat trip with regulars Sam M, Chris M, and J.S, and newcomer Dave. Ran south in sloppy conditions, found the 77 degree, cobalt blue water and put in the lines, no tuna but lots of skippies, after trolling for 4 hours decided that the area that had the most bait would be where we would set up for the night. Before we came tight on anchor the fishfinder lit up like a christmas tree, first line in the water instant bite on a sardine right under the lights for the next hour lock and load until we had our limit. Took a break and cleared our heads half of the crew getting a bite to eat until midnight when it the bite came on again, charter decided to take crew limit strictly on jigs drop to marks and hold on, had a good bite, until Sam and J.S. went to work half an hour later we had an 100lb sword on a Tallica 12-Terez combo tuna chunking outfit in the boat. From 1-4am everyone took a nap, Sam decided to have some fun from 4-5am we had 2-4 fish on on jigs, leadering and releasing all fish safely. Total tally 30 plus tuna to 50lbs landed, Limit harvested rest released, 100lb Sword and lots of ball busting! Ran back to the dock and cleaned up by lunchtime. Fun crew and great action.

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